A couple of months after the official release of debut full-length album “P*rno Future”, French metal/ fusion/ rapcore gang Waking The Sleeping Bear just unveiled another music video illustrating the single ‘Plus rien à perdre’.

Officially born in 2017 with the release of a first single ‘Drapeau Rouge’, Waking The Sleeping Bear actually finds its roots 10 years ago, when Adrien, Edwin, Arthur, and Simon met on the benches of Dole (France) schools.

From their multiple aborted projects springs the current formation of WTSB in 2015, gathered by chance in the urgency of a concert to ensure. To this anecdotal birth will follow a project fueled by passion and unshakeable friendship, which will lead after two singles to a first EP in 2018: “Jungle Urbaine”

A molten substance, both elusive and superfluous, WTSB‘s sound never embarrasses itself with labels, venturing almost randomly in all territories. From rap to world music, from industrial to fusion, everything is melted on a modern metal basement, where the seeds were planted 20 years earlier, by Team Nowhere of Family Values Tour. 

Between disillusioned punk rebellion and full of hope reflections, the quartet deploys breathtaking energy, tribal and electronic, that perfectly fits for lives. It’s on stage that WTSB‘s power is fully revealed, and it is on stage that they will defend their new album “P*rno Future” with the most ardor, waking up once again the metaphorical “sleeping bear” in each of us.

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