After already releasing a debut EP in 2019, two digital singles last year, and unveiling a first video glimpse from its upcoming album with ‘Trust Less’, French Groove/Hardcore gang from Bordeaux Albercave digitally released the song as an official single through the main legal platforms.

This brand new song from the band; which has the particularity of mixing electronic samples and synthesizers with its music; will be featured on its debut full-length album called “Of Dirt And Free Will” and planned to be in the coming weeks on both physical/digital editions.

“‘Trust Less’ is the fifth track of our upcoming album. It was written during quarantine in May 2020. We wanted a really powerful and fast-paced song that crystallize our live energy, where we could let it all out!

The song is a reflection of paranoia and how it can alter a person’s mind. It pictures a man who was so mentally hurt by a peer, that his natural instinct drove him into thinking everyone is treacherous.”

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