Felicia Simion has spent almost half her life behind the lens of a camera and it shows. First discovering photography at the age of only 13, the Romanian photographer fell head over heels in love with the craft and conceptual composition.

She was awarded with many prized over the years in diverse photography contests, and her photographs were printed as book covers by several writers worldwide, one of the most famous book being ‘Like the Flowing River’ written by Paulo Coelho.

Her style goes from conceptual to fine art or portraiture. On an interview for Best Photography she stated: ‘So far I have explored a bit of many genres (portrait, street, conceptual, landscape etc.), but I have utterly fallen in love with fine art and documentary photography, two distinct areas which I wish to explore in the future. On one hand, I love the real, the way it surprises me every time, and on the other hand, I cannot give up on the imaginary, which also has its roots in the daily life. I would love to photograph people and their ways of life, scenes which are more or less usual, to capture at least a tiny part of their soul, lay it inside the image and further inspire the viewer.

The elements featured in Felicia’s work are placed in spaces and landscapes full of silence, beauty and dreamlike visions. Experimenting with colors and light, her recent series taken at The Berca Mud Volcanoes seem to be rather static, but it embodies a stunning story behind every singular detail. We invite you to take a look!

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All copyrights: Felicia Simion

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