Ezequiel Pini (Six N. Five) is an Argentinian-based contemporary artist and an award-winning designer and digital creator. Since 2014 his studio, Six N. Five, is specialized in creating digital and futuristic worlds and dreamy experiences with a clean and modern aesthetic.

In a recent interview for designboom.com Pini declares: “Regarding our work, all these years we have focused on creating without the limitations that may exist in the real world. Somehow trying to take advantage of the benefits of the digital world that allow us to create unreal worlds. My background is in graphic design, and although we create digital spaces and objects, I do not have much knowledge of technical issues of architecture, construction, and industrial design. Thus, I would say that our designs start by prioritizing the conceptual and aesthetic.

Collabs with famous brands have become a common factor, however, in addition to these, they produce experimental developments with the main drive being to legitimize CGI (computer-generated imagery) as a new medium of artistic expression and vision.

“We have done some experimental work for the fashion world, and a virtual reality app, and now with interventions in art galleries that are being encouraged to exhibit digital art. The fact that I get easily bored of the same thing, has helped to keep me active and eager to explore and learn more.” (source)

We spend a lot of time making the result look as real as possible so we can play with the viewer’s confusion

Ezequiel Pini for designboom.com

Just like in the most recent short film where the main subject is a glowing sphere the CGI animation follows the luminous globe as it grows, multiplies, and transfigures into alternate structures like a sun sinking beneath the horizon and windows evocative of the recently demolished Nakagin Capsule Tower.

The round object “represents care, calm, and attention to achieve its ultimate perfection. We are a circle, without boundaries, beginning or end. Infinity,” Pini says.

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