Black Lion Records presents IATT’s anticipated 3rd full-length, “Magnum Opus”, which comes May 27 on CD and Digital formats. 

Upon their formation in 2008, IATT (pronounced “eye at”; formerly known as I Am The Trireme) quickly began to heave their mass out of the dark abyss and shape themselves into a great leviathan by evolving and pushing the boundaries of their sonic territory.

The Philly progressive extreme metal ensemble set a course true to their convictions and shines an unapologetic ghostly light through the fog into the beyond.

The forthcoming offering, “Magnum Opus”, opens the door to a new exciting chapter in IATT’s story. Meticulously crafted to pick up thematically where its predecessor left off, “Magnum Opus” catapults the listener from the 1700s (Arsenic Ways) further back in time to a much darker, older world and the esoteric sciences of Alchemy.

The opus summons back the era when alchemists aimed to harness the world around themselves, bending the natural elements in a quest to obtain power, knowledge, control, and even immortality itself.

Alchemy was the key to unlocking the secrets of existence and elevating oneself to the pinnacle of enlightenment through transmutation and manipulation of the earthly elements.

It was only through the process of “Magnum Opus” (the great work) that alchemists could harness the elementals in their purest form to create the Philosopher’s Stone — the key to power, enlightenment, and immortality.

“Just as in alchemy itself, creating this album has been a journey of transformation for us, a period of great growth as individuals and as a unit. It’s through adversity, struggles, and the forging of the elements — of literal blood, sweat, and tears — we strive to transcend and elevate to our highest selves, ‘the great work,’ Magnum Opus.” 

“Magnum Opus” was produced by Joe Cantamessa and mixed and mastered by Marcos Cerutti. The stunning cover artwork was made by Adam Burke of Nightjar Illustration. Furthermore, the album features guest performances by musicians from UADA, Rivers of Nihil, Emperor, Windfaerer, and more.

Jay Briscoe: Vocals/Bass
Alec Pezzano: Guitar/Orchestral
Joe Cantamessa: Lead Guitar
Paul Cole: Drums

Guest Performers:
Ben Karas (Thank You Scientists, Windfaerer) – Violin (“Servitude, Subjugate” | “Elixir Of Immortality” I “Exculpate, Exonerate” | “Seven Wandering Stars”)
Jakejake Superchi (Uada) – Vocals (“Seven Wandering Stars”)
Jorgen-Munkeby (Shining, Emperor) – Saxophone (“Ouroboros”)
Zach Strouse (Burial In The Sky) – Saxophone (“Prima Materia” | “Planes of Our Existence”)
Daryl Baker – Guitar Solo (“Prima Materia”)

Produced by Joe Cantamessa. 
Mixed & Mastered by Marcos Cerutti.
Cover Artwork by Adam Búrke/Nightjar Illustration.
Album Layout & Additional Artwork by Alec Pezzano/Vitalsign Media.

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