‘Dead Violets Night’ is the musical collaboration between Turkish one-man Post-Punk acts Rain To Rust and N.L.P.
Rain To Rust is the brainchild of former Dead Man’s Dream and Rhythm 0 guitarist Mert Yıldız. He’s already put out two albums; 2019’s “Flowers Of Doubt” and 2020’s “Stillborn Flowers”. N.L.P. is the moniker of Istanbul-based Matt Loftin. Since playing with Housing Crash & Foton Kusagi, he’s decided to move into the Post-Punk territory – so far he has released 3 singles.

The song is a rewriting of a song off Rain To Rust’s “Stillborn Flowers” album: new instrumentation, new lyrics, and a new approach. It’s built on analog synth lines and the vocal interplay between two artists with Peter Hook-laden bass leads on top. The result is a catchy and modernized version of a sound that harkens back to a time where Post-Punk bands decided to move into electronica waters.

Although both acts are focusing on their own releases for 2021, “Dead Violets Night” may be the first in a line with a series of collaborations.

You can listen “Dead Violets Night”, HERE.

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