Only Daemon Grey can bring the original essence of Elvis Presley’s song ‘Trouble’ to a new level of toughness, building upon layers of grit with a splash of evil. In his one-of-a-kind style alongside mega-producer Mike Riley of Noisenest in Hollywood, Daemon masterfully delivers probably the first actual metal cover of a true 50’s classic… the king reborn and hitting harder than ever.

“Elvis was the original bad boy. For the 1950s, he was the epitome of attitude and youthful rebellion. No one had heard such a raw sound or style before,” says Daemon enthusiastically. When asked why this single is so exciting to release: “’Trouble’ is actually a hardcore song in its own right, so adding my flare just felt right.”

Daemon Grey unites the fearless in a world bred to obey. A heavy and death metal fanatic at heart, Daemon pulls influences from grunge, hardcore, the ’50s to 70’s pop, southern rock, and classical to seduce music lovers of all kinds.

Hailing from Canada, Daemon Grey‘s debut release, “Follow You Nightmares”, delivered a much-needed fix of horror-inspired, drug-induced, sex-fuelled rock-metal anthems filled to the energetic brim. 

Daemon Grey symbolizes the cathartic healing power of heavy music to liberate our carnal desires and untamed souls. Fuck following your dreams. Daemon’s mantra, “Follow Your Nightmares”, reminds us that our greatest power is not attained by chasing dreams but by facing and transcending fear itself.

Find more information and the debut album here.

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