Berlin Division has recently released his dreamy electro track, ‘All Right,’ setting a tone of ethereality and sentimentality from pressing play, greeting your ears with laid-back instruments like a candle-lit moment of self-care intended just for you. As a result of the artist’s authentic, dreamy musical endeavors, the music scene is enveloped with a blanket of warm sincerity that is radiated throughout everything he shares with the audience.

This slow jam is swirly and indulgent, and his breathtaking vocals impart a dazzling dimension of mythical vibrancy to the piece. Its wide range and varied sound sprinkled with electronic tones and indie vibes truly makes this one of the top Romanian songs of the summer of 2024.

Flowing through golden, warm scenes of autumn days infused with a retro camera flare of nostalgia, “All Right” slowly approaches you like the opening credits of a film acclaimed for its cinematography. While it may seem difficult to imagine how a single can transport you to such vivid imagery, ‘All Right’ layers your ears with a sound so familiar and yet so intangible that you cannot help but reflect on times long past. There is a beautiful transparency to the vocals, carrying raw emotion in the tenderly sung lines. From fluctuating highs to melancholy lows, these lines are delivered with a bittersweet flair.

The lyrical journey is equally confessional and close-to-the-heart as the soundscape sets you up to believe, with the singer telling his own story in a way that allows you to step into his shoes and visualize each line. The track, as always with Cristian Paros, draws upon some of his experiences, writing them in a manner that allows him to process and grieve along with thousands of others resonating to his words. ‘All Right’ looks not just to connect through its message, but equally an allowance to express and feel your emotions when living through it.

From his love of writing, sharing, and creating to the challenges he has endured, Paros isn’t afraid to be authentic in the challenges he faces, determined more than ever to be recognized.

berlin division

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