Yes, yes, me again and this thing about unknown bands… Well, I promise you this is the last time I’m writing about this subject. Or until other bands shall rise. Why?! Because of reasons. Ok, let’s see what is all about!


Cluj-based band (this is where many cool things come from when we think about music), Blackout is a new project and they recently have released their first official song, “Silence The Screams”. These boys play a melodic death-metal, more into that Gothenburg metal or how the heck it’s named. Anyway, they don’t sound bad at all and I saw some live videos thus they are to be watched.


Speaking about melodic death-metal, here we are again, this time going to Bucharest. I found some suggestions on YouTube about a song titled “Fearful God” and then I googled to see what’s these boys deal and I saw they recently had a concert with For The Wicked and Breathlast. And that made me think I’m not the only one appreciating their music; as far as I was given to listen. The beginning is good, we’ll see how this works on.

Jack Of All Trades

On April 19, these so awesome called people will perform a concert in order to release their video. Cool, right? Considering that probably you haven’t heard of them yet, I call this to be a super matter. They have played live on Radio Guerrilla, so they move quite nicely in this environment. Musically and artistically, Jack of All Trades perform alternative rock, music student-like and it’s probably the main work these youngsters deal with.

Lochrian Poem

Andrei Oltean is the one responsible for many underground projects, one more interesting than the another. The current project is a doom/death metal with melancholic transfiguration and the newest song “Níniel” is more like a preview for what it’s to become an album, one that promises to be complex, with many collaborations and the like. I’m anxious to see where the situation evolves because this song really blown my mind.

Hate Virus

Let’s get back to death metal, this time for a more classical one. Hate Virus has released a video/song about a year go and “ArchiteKt oF HatE” was seen pretty well. Since then, the boy were rather peaceful, maybe it’s all about that silence before the storm kinda type. We’ll see.

Dark Æclipse

I would have liked to hear more than what I’ve found here and there, kinda pity I’d say. One promotes how he knows the best, yet for people to hear about your music you have to give them something to listen. I first stumbled across this project when I saw the mini-fest Psychosounds Metal Ladies Night cover. I looked out of curiosity because it was such an unknown project for me and I was stuck with the search. Don’t you forget about them!


Cover Photo: (c) Ștefan Mihai Conciu