PLOT. Medea Redux is a dark, original creation inspired by Euripides’ play. Although a historical character, she belongs to our culture and has transformed into a legendary figure. The movie has a surrealist atmosphere containing fantastical elements, interfacing language, visual components of dance and movement or theatrical designs. It is an interesting mix of spectacular and disturbance. Medea wishes to be a whisper in everyone’s mind regardless of our origin.

“After becoming intrigued with the character of Medea, I decided to distill Euripides’s play by using mostly one performer and concentrate on few characters.  Using the basic structure of the original text, I integrated other mediums for the purpose of serving the story. Our discourse is therefore both verbal and non-verbal. It is an interface with language, visual components of movement, and theatrical design elements. Doing so makes the production a shocker, both spectacular and disturbing.”

Antony Sandoval

“Although Medea is an historical character, she lives in our imagination. She belongs to our global culture and has become, through time, a legendary figure. Rather than giving one singular illustration, Medea is a surrealist piece with fantastical elements.  Medea aspires to be a whisper in everyone’s mind regardless of our origin.”

Antony Sandoval

2016 Royal Reel Winner in the Experimental film Competition. Canada International Film Festival. 
2016 Madrid International Film Festival Official Selection
2016 San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival Official Selection
2015 Accolade Global Film Competition, Winner Award of Merit (Experimental Section)
2015 Official Selection at the Hong Kong Pineapple Underground Film Festival

Cinematography: Keith Gruchala
Music: Michael Frederick Winter
Medea: Natsumi Sugiyama
Jason/Creon’s voice: Antony Sandoval
Child #1: Sebastian Sugiyama Sandoval
Child #2: Emmanuel Sugiyama Sandoval

You can watch Medea Redux in full version, here: Vimeo