Active since 2012, the alternative rock band THE CASE from Timisoara, Romania, have spent the past few years refining their rock and garage sound, and this might be very well their year. After releasing ‘Throne,’ a song about meditation and reflection on personal life, THE CASE is returning with ‘Fever,’ the second song of a three-songs collaboration with Italian producer Enrico Tiberi.

Joining the inspirational dots between alternative rock, indie, and garage rock swagger since their debut, their discography – “The Case EP” (2014) and “Own The Night” (2017) – features a captivating set of twisted and vibrant yet reflective themes sprinkles with a compelling melodic touch that permeates all through their tracks.

The band’s new single is achingly vulnerable, dramatic, and heavy, radiating grunge energies throughout the song. The four-piece band has always used powerful lyrics to air their messages while frequently weaponizing the vocals, snarling and howling their pain into the ether.

It’s only fair to assume that ‘Fever’ is a tribute to Bowie’s mastermind. In fact, the work here is ever-so reminiscent of David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus.’ Still, through well-constructed emotional melodies and deeply resonant voice, THE CASE manages to stand out on its own. In a statement, the band says: “we tried to create a space where originality prevails, to detach ourselves from the current musical cliches while glorifying our lord and savior David Bowie.”

‘Fever’ finds the band furthering its guest. The song is a rhapsody of ornate arrangements; there are dramatic guitars, orbiting synths, grunge vocals, and cinematic romance. By adding a drop of melancholy and a dash of fatalism to the song, it seems like THE CASE carries a knife with the heart on its sleeves.

The band adds, ” ‘Fever’ is about the passage of time, about the failed attempts to correlate the quality of a relationship with its duration and intensity. The song is about happiness, sadness, breakup, and forgiveness. It would be love if we were to associate our new single with just one word.”

When it comes to music, there’s really no particular recipe for success. But between the Romanian band’s visceral performance, evocative poetry, and raw passion, ‘Fever’ hits all the marks for sonic seduction, keeping us yearning for more. The song ensures to fan our inner flames in a more connected, understanding, and alt-rock wonder, and we’re eager to hear the band’s last song of Enrico Tiberi’s collaboration.

Music & Text: The Case
Video: Cristian Paros
Mix and Master: Enrico Tiberi

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Band photo: (c) Bianca Petrisor