Terms and Conditions


  • The submitted artworks must be recent or related to recent events*
  • The submitted artworks must be in theme with Cultartes identity and style: taboo, unconventional, uncensored if the case (see more about our approach here).
  • We do not require masterpieces, so anything that can be labeled as art, can find a room in our zine

Terms & Conditions

You may submit only after reading, aknowledging and agreeing with our terms:

  • All the selected artworks submitted during the specified period of time mentioned in our latest call for submissions, will be part of a digital and printed issue available on the e-shop, once in 2 months.
  • By submitting, you (the submitter) agree and accept your works being part of an item meant to be merchandised.
  • By submitting, you agree not to ask Cultartes Magazine for any further payment, remuneration or any kind of compensations for the artworks you submit. However, there might be cases when submitters can get paid for their work, according only to a written before-hand agreement between the submitter and our magazine.
  • You accept that you being promoted on our platform and in our issue will be considered a form of payment for your artworks. 
  • By submitting you accept and agree with the fact that, with your written permission, we’ll use or partially modify your works.
  • By submitting, you accept that we are not to be hold responsible of any further copyright infringements, or paying any compensations.
  • All featured works will be credited with the submitter’s full details (name, surname, nickname) and attached to any link provided by the submitter (website, social media, platforms).
  • Be aware that your submission will be considered as being your written permission for us to use your artworks as specified above.
  • By submitting, we will consider you’ve read, aknowledged and agreed with our terms.
  • For any cases of copyright claims or accusations, your submission will be used as a proof of your written consent.

The Deal

If your work is selected for our issue, you will basically get:

  • Feature-article about your works in our printed issue
  • Feature-article about your works on our website
  • Getting promoted on our social-media platform
  • Your name and your portfolio/social-media links mentioned everywhere your artworks are featured.
  • The digital version of the issue, sent via e-mail
  • Additionally, you’ll get a discount when purchasing the printed issue

If Selected For The Issue:

  • You’ll be contacted via e-mail by one of our editors to confirm your submissions and to make sure you’ve read and agreed with the terms.
  • Any other final arrangements may apply: we might ask for extra information or extra visual support for the article.

Final Word

We are here to help unknown or less known artists getting promoted, not to pay them! We’re here to develop a long-term collaboration with anyone looking for it, a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and benefits for both sides – you and us.

If there’s anything above that you disagree with, please do not submit! If you want to submit, but you want to modify any part of the terms and conditions, again, do not submit!

*only for the issue; any other submissions – reviews, feature-article on the website – can ignore this guideline

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