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The Newest Punkish/Black & White Photo Series by MARAT SAFIN

Marat SAFIN is a talented self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in Moscow, Russia. Starting photographing in 2006, Marat focuses on portraiture, he shoots gorgeous fashion, lifestyle, and beauty portrait photography. His female portraits convey a sense of calm, intimacy. Follow MARAT SAFIN on: Instagram | vk | Flickr

Black and White Photo-Poetry by MARIANA Castro.

MARIANA Castro is a Portuguese photographer born in Santarém, Portugal who works in different forms of media such as analog, digital, and movies. Born in 1986 in Santarém, Mariana Castro works as a freelance photographer and even a filmmaker and has a considerable amount of success.  Follow MARIANA Castro on: Facebook […]

Cristian Crisbășan. Long Story Short #2

[:ro]Un interviu realizat de Marius Lupu. Te consider un punct de referință în fotografia românească. Cum s-a instalat virusul? Când a fost prima dată când fotografia ți-a dat fiori? Nu cred că este vorba de un virus. Sau mecanismul de instalare nu este acela al unui virus. Eu întotdeauna am […]

Mihai Surdea’s Monochrome Photographs Are Themselves Powerful Words

It happens to follow Mihai Surdea‘s work for quite a while, but I’ve always hesitated to write about his work. I’d figured I couldn’t find the right amount of nice words to describe his stunning, mostly black and white portraiture. The photographs are themselves powerful words, where the expressions, light […]

Andrei Gram: “I Try to Transpose My Imagination in Reality.”

We’ve followed Andrei Gram’s work for a long time and what a great opportunity to find more about his work and his photo skills than interview him. This young Romanian artist mostly captures stunning, mind-bending nude photographs; his portfolio is mysterious, beautifully processed and breaks the ordinary nude mold in so […]

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