Catalan Atmospheric Metal Band FOSCOR Unveils New Music Video for ‘Misofonia’

Catalan atmospheric metal band FOSCOR is now sharing a stunning new music video for the song ‘Misofonia’ to celebrate the band’s 20 year anniversary. The track previously only appeared on bonus physical editions of the band’s 2017 opus, “Les Irreals Visions”, and had not been released digitally. The band comments:“We wished but […]

Swiss Atmospheric/Post-Doom Band PREAMP DISASTER Shares New Video

PREAMP DISASTER – four musicians – 15 years – one passion: the creation of spherical and epochal soundscapes. The result of jamming and arranging is atmospheric post doom, as hard as metal, as experimental as post-rock, as tight as stoner rock. PREAMP DISASTER recognizes what is needed: patience. Patience to let […]

Listen to the Sphäre Sechs 5th Album: ‘Beta Pictoris’

‘Beta Pictoris’ is the fifth album that Martin Stürtzer and Christian Stritzel recorded as Sphäre Sechs. They pulled off an improvisational online concert played from two cities and gathered material in preparation for this event. Their approach to record music only during improvised studio sessions with a large set of […]

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