T-TOPS have released a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘What Makes You Think You’re the One’ as the third single from their forthcoming sophomore full-length “Staring at a Static Screen”, which will hit stores on May 28. Pittsburgh’s high-energy punk rockers have of course given their version entitled ‘WMYTYTO’ a simmering treatment.

T-TOPS comment: “Well, ‘Tusk’ is my favorite Fleetwood Mac album”, elaborates singer and guitarist Patrick Waters. “I’ve always loved the minimal-sounding snare drum intro of ‘WMYTYTO’, and always heard it in my head coming in with loud, heavy guitars and following that pounding drum beat, and the vocals kind of lend themselves to shouting. I like that it doesn’t fit a typical pattern. Just three quick verse-chorus combos and a long outro. Sometimes, I try to see how long I can push Mike to play the ending before he wants to throw his sticks at me. I’d love to open a show with this song and just play that outro riff for like 30 minutes and completely clear the room. I think we could form a real spiritual bond with anyone who was left after that. We’ve been playing this song or rather cover for such a long time now, with every drummer and iteration of the band through the years. I’m glad we finally got to record it for this album.”

Sophomore T-TOPS full-length “Staring at a Static Screen” is as gritty and soaked with urban detritus as it gets. The trio’s new album is a dirty symphony of car wrecks, grimy alleys, beat-to-shit jeans, and bottomless reservoirs of snarling rust-belt antipathy translated into musical form. These tracks give voice to every screaming impulse hidden deep inside, and with each spin, the blood boils hotter. 

“Staring at a Static Screen” is a bashing, beautiful, unyielding concrete slab that, like its creators, simply does not give in. Adherents of CANCER BATS, ZEKE, and THE MELVINS may latch onto different chunks of the album, which ranges from the face-ripping energy of ‘Burn the River’ to the stunningly contemplative Fleetwood Mac cover ‘What Makes You Think You’re the One’T-TOPS are back and their mission statement is simply to kick ass as hard as humanly possible.

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