To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the fourth album, “Ceremonies” of Swedish post-rockers EF, Kapitän Platte will repress this album on colored vinyl again. The record will come in a fold-out-sleeve incl. a download code.

The band about this release: “10 years have passed since we unleashed Ceremonies to the masses – maybe the most pretentious album of our career.

Somehow we felt the urge to refine the EF sound and really work focused with each instrumentation. We wanted to make sure that everything was thought through and not only make a noise like we used to when we were young and emotional. Well, in 2013, we were actually still pretty young… Living fast and with hungry hearts finding attraction in the tumbling nightlife. We were the guests of honor. Tomorrow always felt so distant.

We’re looking back at the last decade with blurry eyes and fading memories. From then until now, we’ve all been walking different paths. We needed to drift apart just to be able to find our way back together again. To become creative again.

We’re happy to celebrate this 10th anniversary by giving you a repress of Ceremonies. We hope You’ll enjoy it!

You can pre-order “Ceremonies” here.


1. Bells Bleed & Bloom
2. Yield, Heart. Yield!
3. Lake Vaettern
4. Sex
5. Delusions of Grandeur
6. Where G Mallory Sleeps
7. Thee Barren Soil Of Messaure 
8. Sun Grows Dim (vinyl bonus)

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