The new album by the Frankfurt post-rock/stoner band Glasgow Coma Scale is different from its predecessors in many ways. On the one hand, it was recorded with a new drummer, on the other hand, it was created in a strange time. Corona was raging, a big question mark for everyone, the studio date was postponed, everything was.

Also, unlike the last two recordings, the band decided to use a different studio. The album was recorded at Tonstudio 45 in Koblenz by Kurt Ebelhäuser (Blackmail).

There are voices that claim the new album is a bit darker and heavier than its predecessor. The musicians don’t quite feel that way, but maybe it’s a natural development. In any case, the fans will recognize the sound.

All involved are especially proud of the artwork of “Sirens”. Created by graphic artist Marek Sulewski, the band was so enthusiastic about the front cover and also the comic inside that these served as inspiration for the intro of the album. Music to the pictures. “My personal highlight is the song ‘Underskin’ “, tells guitarist Piotr Kowalski. The name was chosen via a survey on Facebook. There, an excerpt of the song was released and fans were asked for suggestions for the title. ‘Underskin’ turned out to be the band’s favorite.

It’s a song in three-four time. Something I always wanted to do, but it always sounded too cheezy or waltz-like. Underskin, however, is neither one nor the other, but a strong, coherent composition that tells its own story. Another special feature is the song “One Must Fall”, where there is … singing. And it is sung where no one expects it (any more). Many fans will certainly want to read over this and we know that it has also gone wrong with one or the other representative of the scene. But we are convinced of the idea, so let yourself be surprised.

Piotr Kowalski

“Sirens” will be out on all formats on September 17, 2021, on Tonzonen Records.

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