Tribulation has announced a new album, ‘Where the Gloom Becomes Sound’, due out in January 2021. The dark metal act also unveiled European tour dates alongside Bolzer and Molassess set to kick off around the same time. Their guitarist, a talented artist, Jonathan Hultén has created all of the cover artwork for Tribulation’s releases, including ‘Down Below’. Though the group’s stature has risen steadily in the metal world since 2005 when Hultén, Zaars, and Andersson first formed Tribulation.

Their latest song ‘Leviathans’ released via Century Media is a masterpiece. After ‘Down Below’ an album, I actually loved from the very beginning I waited for another one to have it on repeat. A bit slower but in a specific ‘tribulational’ way, the instrumental part is actually pretty outstanding. I also love how the voice modulations are completing the whole song.

To conclude what I started to say is that Tribulation is actually one of the few bands which improved themselves and every time I listen to them I find something new and appealing to my ears. With their flamboyant looks and style, Tribulation remains one of the best bands in the 21st century. So put an ear on and give it a try.

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