Many years ago when I started to listen to Behemoth’s old stuff I never imagine that Nergal could be in another band which is totally different from what Behemoth is. And maybe this is the definition of what a good musician is. Let’s see what this album means to me. Featuring 14 guests, actually the most vivid voices in the metal scene this album is full of collaborations. ‘New man, new songs, same shit, vol. 1’ is a stylistic mixing between blues, gothic country and anthemic rock for a final product which kinda reminds you of some Western American sound. The opening song is a featuring with Jorgen Munkeby from Shining (Norway) and what is going to be delivered it will be an insight in how exploring other avenues of music can build something nice and different. A song which kinda got me from the first listening resembling with some Nick Cave sound is the one with Sivert Høyem from Madrugada and maybe by this point you can guess that it will be an awesome album and you can tell how each guest has delivered a new distinguished character to the music.

‘By The River’ is the collaboration with Ihsahn from Emperor, and probably one of the most powerful songs from the album; it reminds me a bit of a Peccatum era. I always said Ihsahn is much more interesting in other projects rather than Emperor. He has a very good voice and this can be remarked on this song as well. Huge, dark and brooding this song can easily take the 2nd place as my favourite for this album.

When the album hits ‘Męstwo‘, the only polish-sung and the only solo song from the album, there’s a very personal and intimate feel that echoes from Nergal. For a man who once stated that everything sounds so much cooler in the English language, he has managed to make Polish language just as rock and roll as English. ‘New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol.1’, whose self-ironic title downplayed the substance of the content, indeed gave goose bumps several times during its course.

‘The Deep Down South’ is my favourite one from the album. It was created in collaboration with the new “dream couple” of Classic Rock Joanna Sadonis (the voice in LUCIFER) magnetically charming as usual and Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters and Entombed). Together they manage to create a fun Country Blues Rock cut that could teleport you on a western movie. One of the songs which definitely gives you positive vibes and makes you wanna dance.

‘Confession‘ feat. Niklas Kvarforth (Sweden’s black metal Shining) begins almost sounding defeated with a Type O Negative kind of sound and it is solemn and filled with agony, but as it comes to a swift end, there are fast-paced black metal riffs and drum work to accompany the anguished screams that are associated with the genre. I could never imagine Niklas playing such a different song from what Shining is, but this is where we can see just how much work is put into an album of total difference, and yet holds so many similarities.

For the next album I really hope and I would enjoy seeing a featuring with Robert Fjällsby (Rob Coffinshaker) because I think they’ll make such a good team with a killer sound. Definitely I will give this album 9/10 because what ME AND THAT MAN and all the guests have done is a masterpiece which reveals all their passions, knowledge and skills put all together into an album.

Listen and order ‘New man, new songs, same shit, vol. 1’ here.

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