Can you hear the sound of spring already? Just imagine yourself on a field full of peonies… Can you smell them? This is the vibe MOTORAMA gives me with their new album. ‘Up’ is definitely my favorite song of the album I shared with you a couple of the lyrics:

The smell of cosmos is all around
Going up to the life pedestal
Something new is about to come
It was close, and now it’s gone

This song is a beautiful and idyllic guitar-driven melody wandering with a synthy landscape combined with murmurs featuring lyrics that reflect the emotional endurance to persevere through these dark times while still treasuring life as it comes. A synth vibe around the bass lines pushes a dynamic quality that is both dreamy and catchy.  A kind of pop sound, but it has its roots in punk.

The five-piece band MOTORAMA from Rostov-on-Don, Russia has been recording post-punk and more recently synth-filled indie rock. A long time ago I said (because I love to play with visual images in my writings) that their sound is like an escape “far away from the city” in a place close to the “Northern seaside” where you can stargaze with the wind in your hair and a “heavy wave” will hit the rocks near the shores. This album is for sure the one I liked the most and the one which brings me joy after listening to it on repeat!

Recorded July 2020 – January 2021, in Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Written, arranged & mixed by Vladislav Parshin
Cover photo by Alexander Fedotov

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