JAHMOLXES is an emerging instrumental group that tells the stories of the main character Jahmolxes and his adventures across distant lands. They are mere vessels for his teachings, spreading his word using mesmerizing harmonies and hard-hitting riffs. We had a short chat with them about this special character.

CVLT: Hello! First of all, how did you start making music? Tell us a bit more about yourself!

At the beginning of time, around 2017, we started as a jam band, which quickly evolved into something greater. We started projecting Jahmolxes’ image through sound and composed the material for what we hope to be our first album. We don’t commit ourselves to a particular genre, instead opting to let each of our individual influences shape our music. All in all, our love for the halfling’s leaf has slowly cleared our minds.

When listeners make their way through your band, what do you want them to feel?


Take me through your sound design process. Is this a quick process, or something you might obsess over and re-visit? When you are not busy creating, which other artists do you follow or listen to?

The first effect in our signal chain is Jahmolxes. Each of us brings forth his individual flame so that, together, we may light the torch of Jahmolxes. We employ a large number of electronic devices, wielding many effects, which help us translate Jahmolxes’ journeys into worldly sounds. Sometimes, riffs and harmonies simply come to us; at other times, we have to search into the depths of our imagination to find something that can describe the sonic complexity that we deem appropriate. Other artists, we turn to for inspiration range from the old-school classics such as Sabbath, Rush, Metallica, Tool, to the more modern stoner/doom/sludge scene, such as Elder, Samsara Blues Experiment, High On Fire, and Mastodon.

What do you know to be true of the world and how is this truth expressed through your art?

Well, that question is right up our alley. The only truth in this world is Jahmolxes, and we become mere vessels of his Word whenever we are playing or creating music.

We are currently living through a very trying and charged time right now so I am curious to know how your own music is reflecting this time period?

The suffering experienced globally by humanity in the past couple of years has caused an increase in heavy riffs throughout the last five songs we’ve created.

What do you hope to do with your art in the future? I mean, do you have any crazy goals?

Nothing too crazy, we simply aim to start spreading the teachings of Jahmolxes through as many live gigs as possible and eventually through an album.

Any final thoughts on Roadkill Fest? What are your expectations?

We only hope Jahmolxes will manifest his presence to all who partake, both to us, on stage, as well as to the audience.

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