Today Kiberspassk from Siberia reveals the new single ‘Kikimora’ and the accompanying music video and presents a new era in which Kikimora comes out of the dark. Kikimora is a Russian female mythological character, who lives in gloomy places, in swamps, or in the forest.

‘Kikimora’ is one of my favorite songs”, vocalist Baba Yaga reminisces. In popular belief, it is believed that deceived builders and sorcerers can send Kikimora into a house by placing a rag doll in it, which then comes to life. “Kikimors also live in cursed or abandoned houses. Forest or swamp kikimora – a girl covered with herbs and moss or an ugly old woman who frightens and knocks people off the road and kidnaps children,” she explains further. 

The video was captured in the Kiberspassk village and its surroundings and one of the main roles in the video for ‘Kikimora’ is played by Yuri, Baba Yaga’s son, who became his film debut in this music video. And “the head of the Kikimora was made from the casts of my head,” adds the frontwoman. Kiberspassk’s new song is now available on all digital platforms

Kiberspassk enriches Industrial with Russian folklore, creating a unique and angst-ridden sonic sound and perform a completely fresh, atmospheric, and exciting brand of Industrial, injecting a sharp, frosty bite into a genre where true innovation has been a rarity these days. ‘Kikimora’ is taken from the upcoming album, which will be released worldwide by Out Of Line Music on April 9th. Preorder the Kiberspassk album “See Bear”, HERE

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