The time has finally come, Herbst from Berlin release their debut single ‘Zwanzigtausend Meilen’. The name Herbst is literally part of the agenda because the sound of the four Berlin musicians is hard, rough, and gloomy. Herbst emphasizes on their debut single that we are never alone. Every situation in life requires a pillar of support that reaches out to us and gives us strength.

Their lyrics tell unadorned stories from the musicians’ everyday lives and feel so authentic that you can find yourself in them. Matthias Engst (ENGST) reveals himself here as a co-songwriter as well as a video producer of his new favorite project.

Herbst singer Olli comments on the first single and the songwriting: 
“Zwanzigtausend Meilen (Twenty thousand Miles) was co-written by my friend Engst and me. We wanted a song that appeals to many and in whose lyrics we see and recognize ourselves. All of us have our troubles, we have too much from the day-to-day routine and search for our places of refuge…, these can be quiet places like here under the surface of the sea, at the bed of the sea, where you can regain your composure and reset yourself.”

“Matze shot the videos. He is an absolute movie enthusiast and always has great ideas and then gets us on board so we can incorporate our ideas,” the band adds about the making of the video.

Matthias Engst comments about Herbst“The position of a manager was always unthinkable for me as an artist until the current time, because I am fully involved with my own projects in the field of videography or the very work on my own band ENGST. But when Herbst frontman Olli decided to start a serious musical project again, I was on fire from the beginning and offered my help out of years of friendship. After I realized how intensively and passionately the rest of the band was working on Herbst’s progression, my interest was directly increased and I could imagine a permanent collaboration. Over time, my friendship with the other Herbst musicians has also grown considerably, and working on songs, strategies, and concepts together with the band is simply unbelievable fun for me. The straightforward and easy-going nature of the guys, as well as their willingness to put themselves unconditionally into the band’s work, reminded me of the energy of Engst and boosted my motivation even more. Similar to Engst, Herbst performs a sound all their own, which is extremely appealing to me as a fan as well, and I’m thoroughly convinced that there’s a huge fanbase waiting for the four Berliners out there.”

The band slams heavy riffs as well as thrilling beats into the listener’s face just like a storm, while still being exceptionally melodic and catchy with the distinctive voice of Herbst‘s singer Oliver Weckert, who founded the band with his buddy Mark Rötz. The two guys just won the Berlin radio station STAR FM’s “Brand Your Band” song contest earlier this year and will release their first EP via the new label Träumer & Helden in February 2022. Stay tuned!

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