After the two upfront singles ‘Careworn Face’, accompanied by an intense video clip, and ‘Jane Doe’, Greece-based Electronic / Minimal Synth duo INCIRRINA have just released their second album “Lip Led Scream”.

“These 10 songs were written during a painful period for all of us – personally and globally speaking – and at the same time in a state of rapture. Our lips felt tightly closed. We wanted to scream, to turn scream into an expression not just as a way out but as a way to understand. To react against but also to respond to a feeling of internal chaos, helplessness, and fear of a world collapsing outside.

Solitude, violence, despair, social injustice, biopolitics, but also love, humaneness, and coming of age are the main themes of the album. Uptempo beats and a blend of analog and digital synth sounds, emotional melodies, and striking riffs shape the character of the songs. We always regarded our music as a gesture of friendship, meaning, and communication, as a peaceful conspiracy against the politics of instinct – every creature for itself. This album is a case in point.”

INCIRRINA is an Electronic / Minimal Synth duo based in Athens, Greece, formed by George K.(synthesizers, sampler, drum machine, vocals) and Irini T. (synthesizers, vocals).

They have appeared in several gigs and live stages in Greece. Their live performances have been described as “having a totally amazing sound-emotional melodies that stick in your mind, combined with heavy/strong beats that impel you to dance, depicting a love for analog synth sounds and for striking riffs”.They have been awarded by ADAF (Athens Digital Arts Festival) for their performance in “Syd Sessions Go ADAF“ in September 2021.

Their first LP “8.15” – inspired by the poetry of the great romantic poet of the 18th century William Blake – was released in 2019 by Geheimnis Records. In 2020 they released the digital maxi single “Utter” followed by the split maxi single ”Devastations/R.Daneel” in 2021, together with “The Man & His Failures”, released by Smash Records.

Their new LP “Lip Led Scream” was released on August 19, 2022, by Cold Transmission Music.

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Photos: (c) Gwgw Galanopoulou

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