Tours-based post-rock/shoegaze two-piece FIRST DRAFT announce the release of their mind-blowing new EP “Declines Are Long Gone” on February 19th, 2022 via LyloProd. Bass and drums/vocals… A duo performance as mastered as captivating!

Marine Arnoult and Clément Douam of FIRST DRAFT transform sharp sensibility into raw energy, drawing inspiration from post-rock, shoegaze, or brit rock. The uncompromising rhythm section is facing sweet, melodic, deep-rooted, and powerful vocals driven by the drummer herself. A striking contrast that emphasizes an artistic universe both dark and hopeful. If Marriages fused with Mogwai, the result would be First Draft.

Their new EP “Declines Are Long Gone” depicts a poetic and painful modern world, full of contradictions and genuine humanity. FIRST DRAFT is crafting cathartic soundscapes, harmonies, and modulations that fill the space and sound as if there were plenty of instruments. The technical performance is impressive.

With this new EP ‘Declines Are Long Gone’, we wanted to portray the post-rock atmospheres we’ve created during spontaneous jam sessions. The lyrics are the common threads of non-linear musical frameworks, and come across unrelenting seas or urban areas with overwhelming architectures, while preserving sanctuaries where you can be happy, enjoying the present without denying the challenges of the future.

Formed in 2016 in Tours, France, FIRST DRAFT avoids absolutes to focus on slight differences, drawing inspiration from post-rock, stoner rock, brit rock, and shoegaze. Technically demanding, the duo made up of Marine Arnoult and Clément Douam have crafted their very own sensitive and conscious sonic personality. Marine has developed remarkable independence performing drums and vocals at the same time, a distinctive characteristic that fascinates the audience during live shows. Clément has found his own touch throughout a passionate quest. The only signal passing through his effect pedals rolls out a wild range of sounds.

The show is total. The bond between the instruments guides us toward the maze of a mindful universe, enlightened and paradoxically, as dark as bright. And this is exactly what FIRST DRAFT is about: converting one’s psychological barriers to meet the challenges of the modern world into beauty and philosophy. The duo translates their paralysis dealing with environmental issues and the pessimistic concerns induced, into a positive inspiring strength. This ambivalence is masterfully adjusted to sound creation.

“Declines Are Long Gone” was recorded and mixed by Fred Norguet at Studio 33 Tour in Frontenac, France. Mastering by Pierre Henri Demel (ODN Mastering) in Fondettes, France. Artwork by Lohengrin Papadato.

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