Miles Oliver is a Parisian songwriter, swinging electric & acoustic guitar, piano, and loops. The alchemy between lo-fi rock, folk, and poetry makes you think about Bonnie Prince BillySonic Youth, and Troy Von Balthazar.

After a 3 weeks tour in the USA, words, images, and songs came to mind when Miles Oliver came back. First, he put all these feelings down in the book ‘Between The Words’, that he wrote during the year 2019. 

Miles was working on some songs and all the images combined themselves for the 4th album titled ‘Between The Woods’. Both book and music are living together through a story of 12 tracks of music and words.

Between The Woods is my US vision, the American culture that I created for myself: from the acapella blues-folk roots in Save Me and alienated minds in Deamontia to 3/8 Tarot esoterism and the crunchy shamanism of a friend’s loss in June 66, through a women’s revenge to their oppressor in the noisy The Song I Hate and the complaining song for Kurt Cobain’s ghost in Myberdeen, until This Is A Lie’s melancholic dance, each track is an individual portrait, a living character in our present tense.

Miles Oliver wanted to build these lo-fi songs from A to Z by doing the entire process of recording and mixing by himself. The most important aspect is the song and not its look.

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