Fom melancholy synthie surfaces and guitar sounds, Collapse Under The Empire give their ideas free reign. The new single Beyond Us captivates with a futuristic iciness that lets the sound float through a wide, cool desert dominated by crystalline structures.

Thematically, the video single treats current events in the world. Society has come to a standstill because of our own living habits and greed and environmental destruction have wiped out all life. Humans have freed the earth of resources. It is designed a fantastic dystopia, a sci-fi mosaic. The video for the new single Beyond Us brings the topic to the point. It leaves a picture of mystery. A kind of philosophical and psychological fiction. Why is our society doomed to failure?

Beyond Us is a harbinger from the forthcoming album Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us (April 2020) and combines everything that Collapse Under The Empire has awarded in recent years: intrusive synthetic sounds with guitar walls and an unmistakable sound.