DEINE LAKAIEN has released the lyric video ‘Nightfall’ as the first single taken from their forthcoming new album “Dual +” that continues, twists, and expands the artistic concept of its predecessor “Dual”, and which the new full-length follows hot on the heels. 

In the wake of “Duals” artistic principle of “cause and effect”, embodied by a cover song and a related original new track, “Dual +” is broadening this concept and condensing it into one compact album.

DEINE LAKAIEN comment: “While creating ‘Dual’, we had already considered having each new track directly following or preceding the cover version that it relates to”, explains Ernst Horn. “This idea was dropped when we recorded more and more songs, which finally led us to create a double album.  Now we saw a good opportunity to bring the immediate contrast back on ‘Dual +’ as ‘Nightfall’ is musically clearly connected to Pink Floyd’s classic ‘ Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun’. Lyrically, there is a different type of contrast as ‘Nightfall’ represents the beginning of a journey into the night, to travel through the infinite expanse of space to the stars, which symbolizes our longing for home far away.”

With their new full-length “Dual +”DEINE LAKAIEN continues to ride the impressive creative wave that their compelling concept for the previous double-album “Dual” has caused. Yet while “Dual” was strictly following a principle of cause and effect that juxtaposed one cover version on the first album with a new song that was inspired by it on the second record. “Dual +” keeps the basic formula, but comes across as more compact, multi-layered, and experimental, while also leaving more space for relaxed divergence.

DEINE LAKAIEN are an iconic German dark music act. The legendary electronic avant-garde duo has managed the rare feat of being accepted as serious artists as well as proving to be immensely popular over more than three and a half decades.

With their 11th studio album, “Dual +”, classically-educated composer and pianist Ernst Horn and vocalist extraordinaire Alexander Veljanov are further exploring the musical vector that the duo has taken on “Dual” by playfully adopting some of their musical influences and making them their own, but always serious about the composition and respectful towards the original. By ostensibly showing the connection to their own creations and making a part of their artistic process transparent, DEINE LAKAIEN also states that music does not grow out of thin air – as clearly as Beethoven could not have created his symphonies without the works of Bach before him.

DEINE LAKAIEN has created yet another marvelous piece of music with “Dual +”. Their art comes with multiple layers and can be read in many different ways or simply be enjoyed as one amazing song after the other unfolds and the dividing lines between cover versions and original songs begin to blur until they are without meaning to the true beauty revealed.

1. Cradle Song
2. Nightfall
3. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Pink Floyd cover)
4. Self-Seeker
5. Run 2nd Version
6. Losing My Religion (R.E.M. cover)
7. Mr. DNA (DEVO cover)
8. Altruist
9. Fork
10. Wiegenlied (trad., Michail Iwanowitsch Glinka)

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Photos: (c) Joerg Grosse-Geldermann