Fabian Filiks returns with a musical threnody to the hero city of Mariupol & its people. Inspired by the early works of maestro Krzysztof Penderecki, ‘Mariupol’ is an electronica anti-symphony combining dark ambient, musique concrète, and neo-classical elements. It’s a homage to the victims of a senseless war waged by Russia against Ukraine. A poem about the horror and desolation of war.

The piece will be available for sale only via Bandcamp. All profits will be donated to humanitarian aid for Mariupol and Ukraine.

A musician, producer, and entrepreneur, Fabian Filiks continues to explore the boundaries of classical music, electronica, and shock rock, creating original and hauntingly atmospheric soundscapes.

Transcending genres and captivating the listener with emotional depth, his music has already attracted attention and a small following. Since his debut, Fabian has published over 90 pieces of music in various formats. He has given over a dozen live performances and extensively participates in the life of the Polish independent music scene. 

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