Following their 2017 record ‘Sunbirds’, Slowly Building Weapons are back with their new album ‘ECHOES‘. Slowly Building Weapons are a trio from Sydney, Australia, and Omihachiman, Japan.

The album ‘ECHOS’ takes a sharp turn away from the sound of their previous effort, which was described as “genre-crushing amazingness. To compare this to anything doesn’t really do it justice.

Somehow, Slowly Building Weapons have succeeded in forging their own path through a myriad of influences from doom, shoegaze, post-punk, post-rock & metal, indie-rock, and pieces of early hardcore. It’s a tough ask to pigeonhole the sound of anyone track and thus it’s almost a relief to eschew this approach in favor of simply just enjoying the music itself. With daring experiments in production that will both alarm and excite listeners, the largely self-produced effort nevertheless still ‘sounds’ like a Slowly Building Weapons record, whatever that might be.

The trio shared a brand new video for the track ‘We Are The Animals’. According to the band, it’s “our tribute to 2020… the perfect year to disappear into the wilderness”. We couldn’t agree more!

About the new album ‘ECHOS’, the band has to say: “Our previous two albums, Nausicaa and Sunbirds, were each anchored in a certain style/genre – then we tried to get creative around that. For ECHOS, we pulled up the anchor and let ourselves drift off. It took years of drifting, but we ended up in a place that felt more at home than where we started.

Then when it was time to record, our main aim was to capture the sound of the band in a room – and then hang onto that as tightly as possible. So that’s what you’re hearing on the album, it’s us playing live in the big room at Studio 301, with the exception of Nick who pre-recorded his vox in Japan, then we used different techniques to ‘put him in the room with us’. There’s obviously overdubs and other things added afterwards, but we really tried to keep it as ‘real’ as possible. It was a challenging process, but I think we achieved what we set out to do. This is a unique album and we’re really keen to share it with everyone.

‘ECHOS’ is another step forward in the musical journey of Slowly Building Weapons, the album is available on all formats on December 4th, 2020.

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