Ashen is a five-piece modern metal band from Paris, France, and the single ‘Outlier’ marks the band’s debut on their label home, Out Of Line Music, and showcases their ambitions.

Ashen‘s singer, Clem Richard, states about the signing:

“We definitely weren’t expecting to get offered a contract after our first release! We are very grateful for the trust that OOL has put in us and can’t wait to keep growing together.”

Antoine, guitarist, comments about the single ‘Outlier’:

“Outlier is a song in which Clem opens up about his youth. At the age of 13, he was hospitalized and treated for ADHD and then diagnosed with bipolar disorder, although there never was anything wrong with him.”

“This song is about an abusive drug treatment he was forced to take that was the only way to handle his scholar failure. His drug treatment, combined with his relationship with his family, gave birth to a deep feeling of loneliness. He had become an outlier. After several years, he decided to emancipate himself from these medications that changed his perception of the world and finally wanted to live without depending on anything.”

The band’s songwriting on ‘Outlier’ is exceptional, and their identity lies between exciting modern metal arrangements while keeping Ashen’s own personality and the rock-influenced personality of their singer. Ashen has several music videos planned to release in the upcoming months and is looking forward to going on their first tour as soon as they get the chance.

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Band photos: (c) Sam Richon