Everything about ARРand their critically acclaimed debut album “Take Up My Bones” has been diligently conceptual and revolving around the epic two-centuries-spanning journey of St. Cuthbert’s relics from the Lindisfarne monastery across the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria to their final resting place in Durham Cathedral. 

To add even more Northumbrian flavor to his dark monastic doom project, ARÐ mastermind Mark Deeks has teamed up with Lindisfarne Mead for a special gift set that comprises a copy of his album in CD format, a 1-liter bottle of their collaborative 14.5% ARÐ dark mead and 1 or 2 St. Cuthbert’s mead cups. This unique bundle will be available for sale from mid-March, but forward orders for this can be made now. 

ARРcomment: “I am thrilled to be partnering with the artisan mead winery from the very same beautiful island that St. Cuthbert called his home”, writes musical and lyrical mastermind, Mark Deeks.

“The team from Lindisfarne Mead have been very supportive and generous in creating this unique gift set to celebrate the release of ‘Take Up My Bones’. They had the patience to work with me on every detail. The result is a beautiful combination of a dark mead fitting the music and cups bearing the symbol of Northumbria’s legendary St. Cuthbert. I believe that this provides a perfect combination to savor and accompany this sorrowful tale. Cheers!”

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EU orderswww.lindisfarnemead.com/music-europe

Lindisfarne Mead adds: “The dark mead that is included in our gift set pays homage to the history of the region spanning as it does from AD 55 and the arrival of the Romans, who built Hadrian’s Wall to the construction of Durham Cathedral in 1108 to finally house the relics of St Cuthbert on the site of his internment in 955 AD”, explains winery representative Paul Stephenson.

“The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a tidal island off the Northumbrian coast, which is steeped in history. From here we operate the production, head office, and shops of Lindisfarne Mead. We are immensely proud of our heritage and links with the island. This special history, the island’s priory, and St. Cuthbert’s times, life, and prophecy that are captured so beautifully in the famous Lindisfarne Gospels have now also inspired and are echoed on ARÐ’s album. We are renowned for our light flavorsome meads, and we believe that this collaborative dark mead is an ideal way to celebrate this album; perfect to sip and reflect as Mark’s evocative music plays.”

You can pre-order “Take Up My Bones”HERE.

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