Better known for his dark electronic project, Krebs. Michael Haggerty has dropped the Krebs pseudonym with the release of his newest single. ‘And There Was War’ is a kitschy little love letter to the goth rock bands of the eighties with lyrics inspired by ‘Blood Meridian’.

‘And There Was War’ it’s an aggressively simple track about the dangers of American exceptionalism, and general demagoguery; presented as an invocation of the villainous character Judge Holden.

Michael Haggerty

Michael Haggerty started his professional musical journey in 2012 with the creation of his dark electronic project, Krebs. Rooted in noise and influenced by multiple artists, Krebs was a fusion of all things dark, heavy, and spooky. Now on the verge of a milestone, the decade-long outing as Krebs appears to be ending. Bittersweet for Mr. Haggerty as he releases his newest single, which also marks his departure from the Krebs pseudonym.

‘And There Was War’ is the first single from Michael Haggerty’s upcoming album and his first official release under his real name. The full-length album release date is yet to come via Machine Man Records.

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