ExperiMental Corner is the place where our mind gets tested; as if we’re placed in a corner, alone with our thoughts in a cerebral intimacy. It is about overcoming barriers through forms of experimental, unusual art and trying to stretch the boundaries of understanding. Just place your brain in this corner and watch the depths of your being.

Today’s episode is about music. Whether is called dark-ambient, drone, ritual or noise, that’s really not the point. What is important is the human mind’s posture, tired of the daily routine, and its reaction when it’s exposed to the sound of the world’s subconscious.

It really doesn’t matter my opinion on what you are about to hear, this is not a review. It is a series of neuroses and deviations from logical rules. Just take your time!

‘Martyria’ by Martyria

‘Unpredictable Signs’ by Kloob

‘Parenthetical’ by Innesti

‘The Substance of Perception’ by NERATERRÆ

‘Kollektionen’ by Kammarheit

‘Plus Intra’ by Pilgrimage to Pleroma

The Stars Are Lit Under A Goddess Kiss by TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT

BONUS TRACK: Bosses Hang & Toshiji Mikawa – DOR