I recently ran into Lucian Harbada‘s work and I’m feeling excited I eventually did this. He creates impressing minimalist collages, managing to offer a new and unusual perspective on life and reality. Lucian presents his own parallel world, where everything seem to be surrounded by the vast emptiness of space. I mostly enjoy how he successfully combines natural elements with human beings, adding an atom of casual fashion. He has exhibited in Cluj-Napoca, Bruxelles, Paris and London.

In my collages I play with colour and shape, juxtaposing ordinary activities or landscape fragments with geometrical elements. As a particularity, in most of my works, I prefer concentrating the visual in the center of the work, surrounded by the emptiness of black or, on the contrary, the openness towards different possible perception, thoughts, interactions.

All images: (c) Lucian Harbada

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my Chinese eyes. Hate fish roe. From the bottom of my heart.