In the info section on the Drab Majesty Facebook page, the description reads:

“Drab Majesty is an inter-dimensional platform aimed at channeling aural and visual messages founded by a human being from Los Angeles in 2013. “

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

The aforementioned “human being” goes by the name of Deb Demure and the Drab Majesty project sets out to promote a certain aesthetic of ethereal and moody sounds, cold synths and heartfelt lyrics. 

Released on the 20th of January 2017, The Demonstration is Drab Majesty’s latest incursion into a different plane of existence from which he’s projecting to us mere mortals what the Collective Consciousness is whispering to him.

The album kicks off with Dot in the Sky, a beautiful track infused with a poppy synth characteristic of an 80s jam. It’s almost like something you’d hear from the likes of Tears for Fears: dark themed lyrics masked by an energetic background.

The 80s theme continues with 39 by Design, where it blends masterfully with bits and pieces of dreamy shoegaze that solidify into a full blown hazy fantasy in the next track, Not Just a Name which emanates The Cure’s Bloodflowers from its very pores. It’s a very skillful blend of sounds that create such a balanced yet bittersweet track.

Too Soon to Tell follows, falling into the more recent darkwave aesthetic despite it keeping its 80s undertones and it is worth noticing the same balanced use of sounds that form such a pleasant end product.

Cold Souls picks up the same dreamy fantasy from Not Just a Name but incorporates slightly darker tones.

The final tracks Kissing the Ground, Forget Tomorrow and Behind the Wall however seem to be lost in the entire narrative as they mainly return and recycle the themes of the opening tracks. Kissing the Ground picks up the pace but feels like nothing special, Forget Tomorrow is simply a moody track and Behind the Wall has very interesting Depeche Mode influences but it’s not the grand finale I was expecting. It is a shame banding together three tracks in a row since the album demonstrated such diversity and cleverness from its very beginning.

All in all it seems that Deb Demure is a perfect vessel for the Collective Consciousness’ master plan. I for one am looking forward to hear more secrets from the beyond.

Album highlights: Dot in the Sky, Not Just a Name

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