How our company helped at bringing the local contemporary culture closer to the international one.

Don’t expect us to start praising how extraordinary we are. Or that Superman work for us; is all bullshit. We only want to boost your art into a successful and friendly environment. With both the right story and the right attitude, we’ll take your passion and present it in front of the world. Let’s break some Standards!

If you think you know them all, don’t write us! The passing of time is an irreversible process; let us try not to make it unbearable too!


CVLTARTES PR is the next step we’ve decided to take in our work that started almost ten years ago. A time where we promoted uncountable artists, arts and crafts, using our specific, unconventional approach. With the attitude and writing style, CVLTARTES has imposed a certain level in the art media. It is the only platform in Romania that does not separate the arts and does not mix personal tastes in their delimitation. Our approach that unfolds between gonzo and literary journalism is how we make art for art. Any form of representation or content writing conducted under the aegis of CVLTARTES will have the appearance of CVLTARTES.

Monthly Subscriptions (ask for price)

This subscription includes a series of services:

  • An original press release;
  • An email distribution campaign to various publications, websites, blogs, vloggers;
  • Written or online interview schedule for as many publications as possible;
  • An unlimited number of articles on our website. (articles will be posted with every occasion – new single, video, photo series, product series, or other work).
  • At least two original articles, besides press releases, will be published on different platforms;

Because we take your passion as being our own, there will be close communication between the parties. The end of a monthly subscription will be agreed upon from the start. It may terminate at any time but never during the current month.

PER RELEASE (ask for price)

Our PER RELEASE offer includes:

  • An original press release;
  • An email distribution campaign;
  • Article on our website;
  • Interview;

The offer can be accessed several times in the same month, if applicable.
*Prices are for a single language, either English or Romanian. If one wishes for a bi-lingual offer, we will negotiate the prices.

FLASH OPTION (ask for price)

This option refers to our submission section and lets us organize and prioritize your work among other publications. If you send your submission today, we’ll post it tomorrow on our social media pages. Yes, you’ve heard that right!

Important: All material must be accompanied by complete information. By all means, you must specify that you want to activate our FLASH option, and we’ll go further on details and payment methods.

We are not like any other PR agencies nor magazines. We’ve always been unique in a way. Get in touch at

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