You’ve probably seen photos that make you want to scream: “wow, how cinematic!” Romanian photographer Razvan Frangache has an air of the old world, in his richly dynamic photography. His work is characterized by the use of color, shadow, yet it’s the stunning way in which he places his subjects against and beside dramatic natural scenery that sets his work apart. Razvan told CVLTARTES: “Photography came naturally, seeing the many ideas on media I said I should give it a try. I can describe what I do through art direction, improvisation and expressiveness. My models are relatives or friends, the light I use is mostly natural combined with flash and I like to think there is a mutual love between me as a photographer and my models.

Model: Teodora Bodescu
Model: Andreea Timoc
Model: Larisa Grumeza
Model: Teodora Bodescu

When asked how a photoshooting works, he explained: “I meet the model and while my mum cooks for them, I take a series of basic photos to accommodate and then we start improvising and discuss ideas we have. Then we eat and take photos once again.

Model: Teodora Bodescu

Through my images I want to convey beauty, health, and memories. I want to visually develop myself and do everything as modern as possible.

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