brain records

Brain Records is a project representing the ghosts of language which linger and how your brain selects them, influenced by your personality, your experience in life, the things you know, fear, everything which composes your being.

The things you’ve heard with which you wake up in the morning, the humming of a song that’s stuck in your head, the vibrant realization of the meaning of something you’ve just read or overheard or sneaked into hearing. It’s the string that pulls and pushes all of life’s encounters around, or at least the one you subjectively choose to remember, unconsciously, ordered by the impending need of your mind to make sense.


Wonderlanda (Ziua bolilor rare)

Ce te împiedică să fii tu însuți?
You can’t simply walk in winter
You have to walk with it.
For every censored nipple,
I want to cut the nipples of those who report;
For every censored penis,
I want to make sausages and eggs of the penises and balls of those who report;
For every censored pussy,
I want to sew with AIDS and heroin used needles every pussy who reported;
For every censored ass,
I want to put the ass of the one who reported on my fucking BBQ!
Alexandra calmează-ți non-țâțele!
All my friends are heathens, take it slow,
Wait for them to ask you who you know.
Please don’t make any sudden moves,
You don’t know the half of the abuse….
Nu mă obliga să te oblig!
Underpaid, you graduate to build somebody else’s dream
It’s not about finding a way to conquer sadness.
It’s realizing whats missing that makes it stay.
A ieșit patch nou pe pulă, update la coaie!
Check in-ul îmi dă mie chinul!
Mi-a dat-o la duhul sfânt,
Mai e un sfrârc…dacă mai vrei!
De ce e ziua femeilor pe 8 martie?
Pentru că e singura cifră cu două găuri!
Și când m-am trezit, nu mai dormeam!
Trials are better than sex.
You know tabs, they crash.
Toata lumea vrea în Rai da’ nimeni nu vrea să moară! 
Asta-i Românica.
She’s beauty she’s grace, she’s gonna punch you in the face.
Lolichuu, lolichuu, măâncați-aș păsărichuu
De fată frumoasă!
Mda, aș da la aia. – E beat. Îi donez. 
Adu și mie vodka cât zici asta!
Dacă vrei să câștigi fiecare meci,
Trebuie să nu pierzi niciunul.
I have an erection in your direction! *wink* *wink*
E minunat să ți-o tragi cu dragoste-n priviri,
Still a better love story than pregnant!
I don’t want them to think we’re white trash! 
Which color of trash do you prefer then? 
Photo via Alexandra’s Instagram.  You can also follow her on her Website.
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Bucharest-based artist. Psychedelic photographer, brain-scratching writer / poetess and priestess of the macabre.