Alexandrina is the singer that doesn’t need too much introduction. Being active since 2009, the project has a rich resume of entertaining songs which already become a ‘must-to-listen’ for all pop acoustic, contemporary rock, alternative or jazz fans.

She is back stronger than ever with her new music video for new single ‘Kuda Ia (Куда Я)‘. The video is visually striking and the song is extremely catchy, playfully melancholic. It touches the hidden strings inside each soul and talks about the deepest personal emotions. Particularly impressive is that the Russian lyrics makes the song even more powerful, seductive and the sadness and grief sounds seem carved into these lines. The melody is very well-structured and layered with lots of different kinds of sounds and Alexandrina‘s gentle voice floats over all this structure and the fluid of her words brings long forgotten memories back to life, the cinematic vision into the origin of love and hate.

It is a polished, infectious and well-crafted track. Hopefully this is a harbinger of more great music to come from Alexandrina in the near future.

Looking at the video, it’s not often that such artwork depicts the atmosphere and background of the songs contained within, but somehow Iustin Surpanelu and Larissa Danilov manage to do exactly so. Wherever you’ll see them team up, you should know they will create a masterpiece!

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