‘While You Sleep’: Daydreaming Just Became Your New Hobby

Hello, Dreamer! You’re here, in this unpopular part of the Internet where a writer and a photographer met to have fun with what they think they know best. Or feel best. You’re welcomed to stay here as long as your attention span. – While You Sleep

A new Tumblr-ish project is about to take over your daily activity. Two Romanian dreamers (a writer and a photographer) teamed up and created a virtual space characterized by a perpetual state of daydreaming: While You Sleep. No, it’s not an alternative reality where you can travel across human subconscious. It’s a website that mix flash fiction with photography in order to “create a dreamland where sometimes things make sense”. Why all this? Because “You can’t blame a human being for dreaming” (yeah, good luck arguing that!).


Alina Varlanuta (writer) and Sebastian Tiplea (photographer/filmmaker) released WhileYouSleep.org this week (21st of July, to be precise) and it became a small phenomenon shortly after, spreading its release news on Facebook. “We’re happy to finally introduce you to our dreamland. It’s our playground, but we welcome you to join and read it, love it, hate it, share it, like it, dream it”, they stated on their newly created official page.

After a quick look on the website, I found myself daydreaming. And I’m not joking. The photographs chosen to kindly embrace the text put myself in a deep state of calm I can usually experience only when I’m listening to Dead Can Dance or Ancient Afro Tribal music. Clouds and birds, sunsets and yellowish endless seas. Pretty much anything that doesn’t involve human influence or interaction.


The ‘flash fiction’ used as the other half of the project seems to be a diary of a woman in love with metaphors and with her own memories. Fiction or not, the short-stories fit perfectly into the dream space: “Peeling the thoughts from his tongue, she was swallowing words as ice cubes before they could even leave her breath”or “when you pass near her, be kind and swallow your fat words while shaking the dust off your clothes”, or this one, one of my personal favorites: “You’re reading the beginning of the only book that will help you find the hole in your life. Be prepared to disappear after reading it”.

Warning. While You Sleep can be addictive and make you change some things in your life. If you just woke up and jumped on WYS, then you’ll most likely cancel the day and go back to bed.

Photos: screenshots from WYS

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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.

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