Wetlands: The Grossest Movie You’ll Ever See

Based on the best-selling German novel by Charlotte Roche, Wetlands(2013) is actually a dark, comic movie about a teenage girl named Helen(Carla Juri) who considers herself “a living pussy hygiene experiment“. And this because of her suicidal mother and distant father. The problem is getting worse when she badly cuts herself shaving her butthole and ends up entering the hospital for surgery. “Sundance’s crassest, most outrageous movie“, begins its action when Helen starts a flirtatious relationship with a hot male nurse and use her hospital stay to reunite her divorced parents.

“Nothing human is alien to me.”

A film about body acceptance and sexual freedom, the kind of movie where things like vegetable-based masturbation, anal tearings or many other taboos are thrown into our face just like that. To mention more details, there is a scene involving tampons and I guess you’re curious to see it. 

I really loved the main actress, she’s truly awesome, beautiful and appealing. You should know the number of scenes in the movie that make you go “OMG” are probably not countable on one or even two hands. Now, who knew David Wnendt‘ movie could transform from a gross-out comedy into a melancholic drama? 

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