New Website Exposes Bikers In Nude Interviews to Reveal Their Fragility

If you’re a biker and you enjoy the Playboy kind of journalism, this is probably the best thing you’ll see today. A Romanian bicycling related website came up with an initiative that will most likely catch your attention for a while.

What’s so special about it?

First of all, it’s not a protest against anything, nor a ridiculous calendar of some sort (even though it’s not such a ridiculous idea after all). It’s basically an attempt to figuratively ‘undress’ bikers of their stories or their past and make them speak up about the reasons they became bikers in the first place or what’s like to face dangers everytime you go on for a ride; everything in a delicious naked Q&A session.


According to the website’s manifesto, “Biciclescu isn’t a bicycles shop, nor an omniscient master in the field. It’s not a bike brand, it’s not a service or a second-hand bikes website. Biciclescu is a fictional character who undresses bikers – literally and figuratively – to reveal their stories and expose their fragility”.

When we say “biker”, we imagine strong, fearless guys who are not scared of falling down. In reality, they are fragile people, like me and you. Maybe even more sensitive, due to their countless bones fractures or other permanent body damages. How many of your hobbies could kill you?

The project’s creators (Ariel Constantinof and Radu Badoiu) assured us that, weekly from now on we’ll meet a new biker who accepted to be interviewed and who got all nude for a professional photo shoot.


Why it’s not wrong?

I think that, somehow, this kind of interviews bring up a little bit more honesty and accuracy to the final material. The biker becomes a virtual mentor (we learn something from his experience) and an open window for the reader. He/she lets the visitor to step into his/her privacy with his/her consent.

Yes, the whole project is fun and exciting, while the masterminds cross over some conventional boundaries in there somewhere. Which is not wrong. That’s the purpose, that’s our perpetual wet dream, isn’t it? To think outside the box, to innovate. Well, Biciclescu is actually doing it.



Obviously, people received it well so far. Which means we grow up. Few years ago, they would’ve said: “Oh my, look, a tit! And gosh, is that a man’s buttock?”. Media would’ve reacted even worse: “Biciclescu – the porn site for bikers. Uncensored! Attention! Biohazard! +18”.

Because, yeah, what would be the truth without some overreacting misinterpreted shit in it!?


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