The „Water Mirror” Concept Makes Waves

This is definitely something I want! And I can easily assume you want one too! This seems to be an amazing, revealing, somehow an untouchable piece of work.

But let me tell you something extra about this project! This incredibly realistic installation speaks for itself. Entitled Mizukagami (The Water Mirror), it was designed by Japanese art director Rikako Nagashima in collaboration with designer Hideto Hyoudou. This majestic hallucinatory project is curious, disturbing, but yet eternal, out of nowhere. It looks like the reflecting mirrors are dripping from the walls and tables, forming small puddles. The neutral tones were completed perfectly by these black and white photographs.

All images © Rikako Nagashima

All images © Rikako Nagashima



Another thing you should know is that the ultimate goal of this project was to challenge viewers’ perception of reality for a better observation of the world.

Watching these photographs, you should begin to understand the piece a bit more by reading the text printed on the walls, which only became legible when looking into the mirrors. Since this may be quite hard for you to observe, I’ll help you; the text reads “When water is still, it reflects our world as is. Beautiful or horrid, chaos or neat, light and shadow, accepting it all.”



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