Manuela Marchiș is a visual artist and performer based in Timisoara, Romania. While she’s an active member of Daniel Dorobantu’s eclectic, electronic project Thy Veils, Manuela also performs solo.

Her musical project – Pilestra – uses “electronics and voice to transmit intel from other Universal dimensions”, as Manuela told us in an interview published three years ago. “I can refer to the Moon as being either a realm of the unconscious, of the soul or of the feminine energy”.

Manuela Marchiș / Pilestra performed last month at Heartouching, a first event by artouching, curated by Livia Mateiaș, which sets the start of a series called Digital Canvas, “a space in which artists will be invited to project their artworks”.

During this event, the artist mixed sculpture, graphic artworks and live performance in Idioglosia, an an imaginary language created by Manuela herself.

Video: Adrian Stoiedin / artouching

Main Photo: Paula Bora

Artwork: Georgiana Feidi & Daniel Dorobantu via Tumblr

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