Watch this dude attempting and failing to fuck Mother Nature


This music video just made my day. “She’s Bad” it’s a new video created by the French producer DyE and directed by Dent de Cuir. You may just ignore the noise in the background, which is basically just an useless disco song from the so-called electro legend Egyptian Lover (whom I never heard of, since now), and just enjoy the video.

Briefly, there’s this hot faceless chick who has, instead of skin and booty, scenes from Animal Planet all over her body. There’s a cheetah on her leg. Oh, and look at that lion-faced boob! It may sound a bit silly, but in fact the idea is pretty brilliant. The creators turn feelings, gestures and human expressions into animal habits, such as flocking. And there’s also a really nice illustration of kissing, too. And not to mention the bloody blow-job!

Jesus, just watch it already, and get over with it!


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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.

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