‘V E R L O R E N’: Watch Five Nephilims Fighting Each Other for Their Lost Paradise

Marcel Proust used to say: “The true paradises are paradises we have lost!”. This is actually the motto the entire video is based on. ‘V E R L O R E N‘ is the new short-film produced by Serpentine Series Project and is created as a contemporary fashion film in which what might look like four androgynous nephilims are assaulting their only beautiful helpless female companion.

The blinding white, pure atmosphere which is flooding us in the first half of the film, is violentely disturbed by the brutal metaphor of angels losing their home, their paradise, due to their human rude character. ‘Losing’ is, apparently, the short-movie’s leit-motif; the title itself  – “verloren” – is the word the Germans are using for “lost” (no, unfortunately it’s not an Elvish term invented by Tolkien!).

Screenshot from short-film
Screenshot from short-film
Screenshot from short-film
Screenshot from short-film
“The short-movie attempts to bring the word “verloren” in the human conscious and it comes as a comment on the perpetual abandonment the fragile and helpless kind is damned to. The compositions catches the anxiety of a character that matches us all – feeling the emotion of every pursuit and obeying to the reality of every losing”

The cyclic religious cue is only fulfilled when the she-angel is left alone, wearing the absolute shame clothing item – the crown of thorns, as a symbol of pain and relief at once (except it’s actually a minimal, harmless white-painted wickers crown).


Directed by Relu Dobrin, ‘V E R L O R E N’ is completed with costumes by Emilian Ciobanu, music by Alin Zăbrăuțeanu and image by Sebastian Florea. Performers: Loredana Varga (MRA), Andrei (MRA), Ivan Claudiu Vlad, Andrei Dombrovschi, Draganescu Razvan.

Find more of SSP films on their website and Vimeo account.

Photos: Screenshots from video

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