“Vanished” is A Light In The Dark (Review)

A Light In The Dark is a very recent project in blackgaze sphere, as recently as the genre itself, founded somewhere in 2012. In the immediate project shadows we find Bogdan Makarov, the same man dealing with other underground bands such as: Skyforest, Hiki or Blurry Lights. Born in Podolsk, Russia, B.M. manages to revive his alter ego after a break of several years. To be more specific, in the early years of 2012 A Light In The Dark released a first demo, but only in 2015 the songs are remastered and transformed into a namesake album. So we have a new line of songs ready for this cold undertone fall. It’s a sweet classical composition, with abundant elements of shoegaze and some traces of melodic black metal. There are five songs that catch your attention through their melancholic melody and that can be placed really nice among other new appearances, let’s say “Kodama” by Alcest. Listen carefully to the new projects out there, you might have a nice surprise of what you could find in there, even more than the overrated bands.

Let’s get back to “Vanished”; I really enjoy the music, although I don’t think that’s the main purpose of the songs. I’m pretty glad there is a clean, clear sound, some nicely inserted influences, becoming a new music genre nowadays. I like to death the opening track “I tried to forget”. It simply abounds of beauty; beauty you’ve met somewhere, but you enjoy it every single time you are meant to see it. Like a landscape stocked in your head about your whole life. I absolutely liked this combination of post-rock, shoegaze and black metal, three genres that can successfully prevail the immediate sensation, the feeling. Although they seem different approaches, in essence it exists a denominator linking these genres so opposed in a perfect communion. I’m coming back to “Vanished”, from which I don’t think I’ve left any seconds, to tell you about the collaboration with David Lovejoy of Sorrow Plagues for “Self-Dissonance” song. As a conclusion, you remain with an after pleasant taste, and if you consider a fan of this you might as well come back and back and back…

You can listen the album on Bandcamp‘s page.

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