Valerio Mangini: „Today I just do photography because I think is more expressive and exciting.”

Valerio Mangini is an Italian photographer who studies Design and Architecture. Here’s a resume of what he’s capable of: “In these years I made some short movies, some documentaries, interviews, web tv formats, advertising movies for companies… And I wrote the screenplays and I was the director. I worked for some fashion show, a famous airline company, some tourist and accommodation publishers, news publishers, a sportive federation and many more. Today I just do photography because I think is more expressive and exciting.

He mostly shoots sensual and passionate portraits and I have to admit there’s something quite odd that attracts me. It may be the dark, powerful choose of tones or the models he shoots (you’ll see what I’m talking about), but what matters the most is that I feel completely in love with his work and there are so many reasons why. In fact, it’s this soft, yet powerful touch that drives me insane. Each of Valerio’s images shows a real skill for light and color. Just take a look.

All images: (c) Valerio Mangini

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