The Untitled Sculpture Exhibition of Titus Ivan

Between September, the 24th (6:00 pm) and October, the 8th, 2014, Meru Iasi will be hosting the latest sculpture and installation exhibition of Titus Ivan. The exhibition will be an incognito flavoured one. An untitled exhibition, as they already call it on Social Media, and with no statement, as the sculptor himself warns us. I can only assume that we might witness another series of extravagant machines, dacians faces and zoomorphic figures.



Titus Ivan is a Romanian artist with a Master’s Degree in Sculpture at UAGE Iasi, with a whole bunch of past individual and group exhibitions on the record. Here are some examples: “The Fragility Harmony” (2013) and “The EROTICA Salon” (2014).

Titus Ivan’s works mostly represent a curious amalgam of hostile marble portraits, barbaric and gigantic forms and also some unconventional (yet functional!) inventions, with influences in the endemic folklore and western modernism. An original eye-opening combination which lead us to diverse domains and general knowledge.

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